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Hawaii Vacations: 7 Great 4-Star Hotels

Here's several 4-Star Hawaiian hotels that offer first-class accommodations and beach front views.

Sheraton Moana Surfrider - This historic hotel has been lovingly restored and maintains it's circa 1901 charm. Located on Waikiki beach, it offers high tea and sunset buffets.

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Destinations in Southern Germany Nuremberg

Nuremberg will always be associated with two events - the Nazi party rallies held on the Zeppelinwiese, and the post-war Nuremberg trials. These events definitely should be remembered, but there is more to the history of this city.Nürnberg, as Nuremberg is called in German, used to be a Free Imperial City during the time of the Holy Roman Empire and became part of Bavaria in the early 19th century. It was a major trading center, and the wealthy merchant families became great patrons of the arts.

The main tourist attractions are:.

  • The Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg) with its collection of medieval arms and armor.
  • The Albrecht-Dürer-Haus dedicated to the city's most famous son, the great painter (though most of his major works can be found elsewhere, such as in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum or Munich's Alte Pinakothek).
  • The Germanisches Nationalmuseum with its enormous collections of paintings, sculpture, domestic furnishings and historical musical instruments.
  • The German Railway Museum (after all, the first German railway ran from Nuremberg to Fürth).

  • Spielzeugmuseum der Stadt Nürnberg (Toy Museum) - Nuremberg has always been famous for toys and still hosts the annual German Toy Fair.
  • .If you come in December, you should visit the Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas Market) and experience the wonderful smell and taste of Lebkuchen (gingerbread) and Glühwein (hot mulled wine) while shopping for traditional ornaments.

    Also, try out the local specialty - bratwurst. These sausages are tiny (about the size of your pinky), so you order them by the dozen or more.

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    By: Pamela Bruce

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